When will I receive my box?

We know when you order a box for your pup that you don’t want to wait too long to receive it.

We ship your first box within 1 business day of your order (yep, that fast!) and we’ll ship around your monthly anniversary date thereafter (either monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, depending on your selection).

My shipment tracking isn’t showing any details

  • If you just received your tracking email and it isn't showing details yet, it may take a day or two to update with USPS or FedEx systems.

My shipment tracking hasn’t updated for a few days.

  • Not all boxes are scanned by USPS and FedEx at every location. 
  • If you haven't seen any movement for a few days, you can contact us at support@pupjoy.com and we will help you get answers.

My shipment is showing as delivered, but I haven't received it

We recommend doing the following:

  • Verify your address is correct on your shipping email.
  • Check with your local post office to make sure they don't have it.
  • If your address is correct and it isn't at the post office, let us know and we'll take care of you.