What's risk-free ordering?

*PupJoy Exclusive*

It simply means that you can change your subscription plan, skip a renewal or even cancel at any time, without penalty. Zero, nada... none!

No strings attached. Longer subscriptions save you money and they help us with predictability in our purchasing. It is a win/win and we want to make it as easy as possible.

Plus, a company telling you that you are out of luck if you need to cancel just stinks.

We believe that we have the responsibility to earn your continued loyalty and that you should always have the flexibility to control your subscription.

Many of our customers will use the "skip my next renewal" feature to bypass a month due to vacation or other travel. Some will switch to a bi-monthly delivery cycle or a toys-only plan if their dog isn’t going through all of their monthly treats.

Our ordering is THE most flexible you will find. And if the need ever arises for you to cancel, we’ll be sad, but you will only pay for what you have used and we refund you the prorated remainder.

So order a multi-box plan and save with no worries!