Why choose PupJoy?

Better quality. Better service. Better for your dog.

PupJoy is built for you, by dog parents like you. We're solving common challenges by thinking differently. And treating you better. It's earned us a #1 rating by dog parents like you and industry accolades like the Pet Care Innovation Prize.

  1. Your dog is unique. Not a one-size-fits-all. Yours has individual needs and preferences for food, toys, treats, and more.
  2. You’re an individual too. You want, and deserve, a service that tailors scheduling and ordering options to meet your lifestyle and your budget.
  3. Quality matters. You want the best for your best friend. You want to buy from a company that you trust to look out for your standards of healthy, high-quality goods.
  4. You're socially conscious. You Care about the companies you buy from, and what they stand for. You demand better from the companies that you choose to patron.
  5. You Demand 100% Satisfaction: And you should. You deserved it.

At PupJoy, we scour the U.S. to help you discover the amazing products, sourced from top artisan suppliers. We work directly with independent small businesses, who are passionate about quality and socially responsible business practices, to deliver you all-natural and organic goods for your dog’s healthy lifestyle, so you don’t have to weed through the junk frequently found online and in big box retail stores.

And we are fostering a community of dog lovers like you, who together, are capable of doing some big things and making impactful change.

With our local, sustainable approach to product sourcing, we are helping support small, independent U.S. businesses who are doing things with passion and a conscious. We’re supporting businesses that are healthy for your dog and healthy for our world.

Through our Helping Paws program, we are harnessing your power as a compassionate community to help find loving homes for rescue animals in need.